Where to Properly Shoot a Turkey

One thing that you should know is that shooting a turkey properly will help a lot. Shot placement is going to be important so that you will kill a turkey ethically. Can you imagine if you would shoot it and it will take time before it dies? The poor turkey is going to suffer. As much as possible, you do not want that.

It can be fun to hunt for wild turkeys especially when you have the right equipment. You can call on them and make them come running. Yet, you also know that things can become quite challenging if you make a mistake.

Different Shot Placements to Know

You should start packing your different equipment at this point. It will make a lot of difference when you know the different areas where you can make some lethal shots. Remember that you do not want to make the turkey hurt further.

Quartering Toward

Let us say that you are looking at a turkey that is walking towards you. You should look for the area that is in between the chest area of the turkey. You can come up with two intersecting lines on the chest area where the vitals of the turkey will be located. You can hit that so that you will have a sure and swift kill.

Frontal Shot

Let us say that you see a turkey that is walking towards you full-on. This means that you can see the full frontal view of the turkey. This is your sign to do a frontal shot. You should hit it below the base of its neck. When you hit just above its beard, you are immediately going to hit its heart and lungs so that the kill will be fast.

Broadside Kill

Let us say that you are looking at the turkey from its side. A lot of times, turkeys may sometimes look like they are all puffed up. You cannot be too excited and just aim. There is a chance that you will miscalculate where the lungs and heart are. You need to hit these vital organs so that you will not make the turkey suffer.

The best thing to do is to wait for the turkey to not get too puffed up anymore. The closer you are and the clearer your view is, the easier it will be for you to determine where you should start aiming.

If in case you are still feeling confused, you should remember that the heart and lungs are located where the wing will join the rest of the body. You can consider the broadside as the “shoulder” of the turkey and consider this to be near the spot where you should aim.

Facing Away

There will be times when you will be so excited to hit the turkey but you already feel like you have missed your chance. The turkey may be moving away from you and you do not know if you should still hit it. You need to put it in the middle of its back. This increases your chance of breaking the spine of the turkey and hitting some of its vital organs for a smoother kill.


Some people think that headshots are only for games but you can also apply this when you are shooting turkeys in real life. Take note that you should not do headshots when you are dealing with larger animals. There is a bigger chance that things will just get messy and the kill will not be smooth. With turkeys, it is okay to do headshots.

Just remember that the turkey’s head is still a small target. If you are not too skilled in bowhunting, there is always a chance that you are going to miss it. This is what makes things great though. You have a lower chance of wounding the turkey. It is either you kill it or you miss it entirely. Some types of arrows are best for doing headshots. You can ask people who know more about arrows to get the best ones.

Fun Hunting Times

You would like to make the most out of your turkey hunting expedition, right? To do this, you need to have all of the right tools and materials to make hunting possible. Be prepared and it will also help if you would come with other people who are also hunting for turkeys. It can help you bond with each other and have a fun hunting time. 

Remember that turkey hunting with the use of your bow and arrow is tough but it can make the challenge more worthwhile.

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